Crafts for Kids

Crafts for Kids
A Sustainable Craft Fair for Charity
Boston University
May 1, 2013 

I organized this event as president of Boston University’s Art History Association. This charity event offered student artists an opportunity to sell their artwork, as well as providing several free activities for the public. Through this event we raised money for Birthday Wishes– an organization that throws parties for homeless children in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Long Island. All funds raised went towards purchasing craft supplies for children’s  birthday parties.

To encourage creativity, we offered free activities such as a craft-supply table,  terrarium-making in recycled containers, and fresh flower arrangements that people could take home with them. For the craft table, I simply tossed 100 bucks worth of craft supplies on several tables and didn’t provide any direction. Participants went crazy decorating their terrariums, playing with the supplies, and a few left behind some crafty sculptures.

The event also promoted sustainable living. We encouraged people to reuse objects around them through the recycled terrarium containers, sheet tablecloths purchased from Goodwill, beer bottles used as vases, and environmental facts written on trash that were dispersed among the decor. We also featured an observational beehive to demonstrate the miraculous industry of nature of how important it is to respect it.

pom pom monster

paper flowers 4

fern and crafts

spring trees

craft supplies table

free daisies

flower vases

free craft table



moss 2


toy animals

trash flowers


observation honeycomb


craft hair

free flowers in recycled containers

pom pom bee

child blowing bubbles