Artist’s Statement

I create sculptures,  installations, and street art out of polymer clay, pom-poms, googly eyes, stickers, construction paper, and children’s toys. I also use objects I find on the ground like snail shells, bark, rocks, twigs, playing cards, and abandoned eyeglasses. Every object in this world is beautiful and has importance, whether it comes from nature, or is produced in a factory. I want my viewers to acknowledge this and think about the origin of everything we come in contact with.

The pounds of pompoms, construction paper, glue and glitter that I use symbolize our relationship with Earth; we are born from nature but we fight to sever the bond by creating an increasingly artificial environment. To represent this struggle, I encrust rocks I find outside in glitter, I layer acrylic polymer over miniature plastic animals, and I make fake flowers out of over-processed paper. I use these materials to create colorful art objects and plant them around urban landscapes in hopes that people will smile, pick them up, and take them home. This is my most important goal as an artist: to make my viewers smile.